Bluegrass Chiro – Danville Doctor’s Information

Dr. Dennis Short, DC

Dr. Dennis ShortDr. Dennis Short is originally from Newfoundland, Canada. While studying to be a Chiropractor at Palmer College in Iowa he met his beautiful wife, Callie Garrison. After a six month Chiropractic internship in South America he decided to return to America to set up practice, in his wife’s hometown of Danville Kentucky.

Dr. Short states, “Danville has been so good to us, I am really glad we chose this area to practice.” Dr. Short feels that he has been called to this profession and God has put him in central Kentucky to expand patient’s access to natural healthcare.

In addition to practicing Chiropractic he also teaches weight loss classes and he is the author of two books, “The Ultimate Chiropractic Practice,” and “The Short Road to Health.” He currently owns 7 Chiropractic offices around Kentucky and has aspirations of opening many more to further his dream of improving access to quality Chiropractic care.

Dr. Callie Garrison, DC

Dr. Callie GarrisonLife is funny and sometimes circular. Growing up, I always wanted to get out of the small town. After seeing some of the world and going to Iowa for school I found that all I wanted to do was return home to be close to my family. Therefore when it came time to start my Chiropractic practice I came back to Danville, KY. I was fortunate enough to have met my soul mate in Davenport, Iowa and even though he is Canadian, I somehow talked him into moving to Danville to set up practice together.

When I originally got into Chiropractic I thought I was training for a job. Now I realize that it is so much more. I get to help my family and friends get out of pain and have better lives. Which is why I believe that Chiropractic is the best job in the world.

In our office we have so much to offer patients. We practice many techniques/types of adjusting, from very light techniques that you would never hear a “pop” to manual adjusting and many techniques in between. We have had wonderful success with patients literally from 3 days old to 101 years old. I love being a Chiropractor and go to the office everyday looking forward to changing the world one patient at a time.

Dr. Stephen Toon, DC

Dr. Stephen ToonAs a young college student Dr. Toon suffered horrible neck pain and headaches after being involved in a car accident. Through a helpful referral to a local Chiropractor, Dr. Toon almost immediately returned to pre-injury status. The non-invasive, hands-on care inspired Dr. Toon to pursue a career in Chiropractic. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. Toon lives in Perryville where he is a dedicated husband and father of two children. He is involved with Pioneer Vocational Services and actively supports a non-profit organization, Critters without Litters. He enjoys gardening, hiking and being in the outdoors.

Dr. Toon is committed to working with each patient to achieve their own unique set of goals-from eliminating pain to promoting healthy aging. Dr. Toon has seven years of experience adjusting patients from newborns to patients in their later years. He is happy to help you toward your health goals.

Dr. Tyler Ediger, DC

Dr. Tyler Ediger, DCDr. Tyler Ediger is originally from Inman, KS. At six weeks old he received his first Chiropractic adjustment for torticollis in his neck from which he made a full recovery. Growing up Chiropractic was practiced within the family and so was a natural avenue for him to pursue as a career.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Kansas State University, he pursued his Chiropractic doctorate at Cleveland University in Kansas City, Kansas. Following graduation, he took the opportunity to serve on a Chiropractic mission trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He enjoys weightlifting, playing soccer, and taking trips on his motorcycle.

Dr. Tyler is committed to giving the best available Chiropractic care to patients via the avenues of Adjusting, Dry needling, Graston, Rock/Sports taping, and various other modalities. He treats patients of any age from infants to those who have progressed further along in age. He currently lives in Harrodsburg, KY and works at Bluegrass Chiro of Danville and is excited to be serving the Danville Community and the surrounding areas.