Bluegrass Chiro – Harrodsburg Doctor’s Information

Dr. Paul Ragusa, DC

Dr. Paul Ragusa - BluegrassChiro - Harrodsburg OfficeDr. Paul Ragusa joined BlueGrassChiro in November of 2014. Dr. Ragusa earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Microbiology from Kansas State University. For his Master’s thesis presentation, Dr. Ragusa defended his research on a silver-ion water purifier he developed with a Danish group.

Following graduation, Dr. Ragusa found a larger passion helping people and ultimately fell in love with Chiropractic. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic of Kansas City in August of 2013, Dr. Ragusa set out to deliver drug-less, non-invasive, functional care.

He’s originally from Kansas, but has migrated to Kentucky to be closer to family. Dr. Ragusa and his wife, Sarah, have 2 boys and currently reside in Harrodsburg. In Dr. Ragusa’s spare time he enjoys family gatherings, reading, listening to podcast, working out, the beach, and fishing.

Dr. David Barber, DC

Dr. Truemon Barger, DC

Dr. Truemon Barger, DCDr. Truemon grew up in the small town of Sedgwick, KS. He began working on farms and doing random landscaping by the age of 8. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2008, he continued that trend and worked as a landscaping foreman for 4 years. During that time, he received Chiropractic treatment for the first time. After a few visits, he walked away without low back pain and stiffness for the first time since sustaining an injury during his wrestling career in college. That treatment changed his life. He enrolled in chiropractic school in Kansas City, KS a year later. He then graduated from school and practiced in CO for a year before coming out to KY to be apart of the Bluegrass Chiro family. He loves any active sports and ready to see what KY has to offer.