How does Chiropractic work?

BluegrassChiro logoAgainst popular belief Chiropractic has been heavily researched and validated both through higher education as well as governmental studies. However, the mechanism on how chiropractic works has been debated. Are Chiropractors moving bones and returning proper blood supply to the spine, does it reduce swelling in the area and therefore decrease pain, or are Chiropractors removing neurological dysfunction?

The answer to that question is still to be fully discovered but most experts say that Chiropractic is effective because it may use all 3 methods. When a joint is inflamed the anti-inflammatory effect of the adjustment helps decrease pain. If the patient has numbness in a hand or leg the adjustment can decrease nerve pressure and relieve the pinched nerve symptoms and blood flow to the spine can be improved and thus improving overall spinal health.

The chiropractic doctors at BluegrassChiro practice several techniques that will use all three actions to help improve your condition. No matter what condition you have you are always better to have your spinal problems evaluated and corrected by a highly trained Chiropractor. Your body is better equipped to heal itself if you have a highly functional spine and nervous system.

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