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Dr. Susan Dixson, DC

Along with her grandmother and mother, she had already benefitted from chiropractic care and she knew the body heals itself without drugs or surgery if structural interferences are removed. A chiropractor will remove the interferences through an adjustment and the body is allowed to operate at its fullest potential. Properly inspired, Dr. Dixson attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri and returned to her home in Kentucky to practice.

No stranger to hard work, she is dedicated to her family, practice and profession. She feels a connection with each patient as she works with them to achieve better living. She utilizes a variety of adjusting techniques and therapeutic measures that decrease pain, increase function and improve range of motion. Her patients are athletes, farmers, bankers and babies, to mention a few.

She avidly supports her children in their athletic, musical and military pursuits. Dr. Dixson is a die-hard Kentucky Wildcat fan and she enjoys boating on Lake Cumberland, reading and baking.


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