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imageDr. Peters Bio

Dr. Peters grew up with Chiropractic. His grandfather, Dr. Leon Noland served the Springfield community for many years. Dr. Peters says, “I loved the idea of getting people well without drugs or surgery. It just made sense to me.” He further embraced the philosophy of Chiropractic by attending Logan Chiropractic College where he graduated with both a Bachelors of Science degree as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic. 

After school, he moved back to his home town of Lexington, Kentucky allowing him and his wife, Stacey, to be closer to family. He is excited about joining the Bluegrass Chiro team at the Nicholasville location and serving the citizens of that area. For recreation he loves to spend time with his family and wife as well as playing golf and going to the lake. 


Dr. Schulz Bio 

While there he learned about the philosophy that is behind chiropractic – our bodies are designed to heal and regulate themselves and can do so if there is no interference to the communication lines between the brain and body. Chiropractic aims to remove this interference to the nerves coming out of the spine by restoring proper movement and alignment of the spinal joints. Although this philosophy seems simple, it made a profound impact on Dr. Schulz and he decided then to go to Chiropractic College. 

After practicing for over a decade, Dr. Schulz has learned multiple ways to correct problems in joint movement and function, with a special interest in helping patients with problems outside of the spine – shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, knee and ankle pain to name just a few. Dr. Schulz joined the Bluegrass Chiro Group in 2012 and has continued to be impressed with the quality of care, patient management and proper documentation that is required of all the doctors in the group.

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