Carpel Tunnel

carpel tunnel


The modern office makes it easy for carpal tunnel syndrome to develop.

Carpal tunnel is mostly attributed to workplace injuries such as using the computer keyboard and mouse. However, it can also develop in other workplaces free from computers when repetitive motions are required.

At its worst, carpal tunnel syndrome may require a surgical intervention, but there are multiple other options to review first, including visiting a chiropractor.

At Bluegrass Chiro, our skilled staff is ready to discuss your symptoms with you and develop a care plan to alleviate your pain and develop best practices going forward. We have ten offices across Kentucky ready to help you.

Exactly What is Carpal Tunnel? 

The syndrome occurs when there is excessive pressure is placed on the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, a little passage in your wrist area. The nerve starts in the forearm and moves through the passage to your hand, providing sensation to your fingers and the palm. When the passage narrows, the nerve gets irritated. 

Irritation can provide a range of symptoms from tingling to pain. You may also feel numbness throughout the hand and fingers, either all at once or in pulses, especially while gripping things. Over time, the feeling can become worse. Weakness may also develop the same way, and gripping may become difficult. You may start to drop things more often as your grip becomes weak. 

What Will a Chiropractor Do? 

Your chiropractor will develop a whole-body approach to treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Obviously, manipulation will occur at the wrist, forearm and elbow. This can help reduce strain and pressure in the area, alleviating the tension on the nerve. You may also need adjustments in the upper spine. 

Often pain develops in various places on the body due to overall misalignments elsewhere. As different parts of the body start to compensate, weaker areas can bear more strain. Chiropractors typically use their hands to perform spinal manipulation but tools may be used. 

What About Additional treatment for Carpal Tunnel? 

A chiropractor will also help you focus on continuous care of the wrist. This can include resting the arm whenever possible, using a cold compress to target pain-causing inflammation, advice on proper support of the wrist while performing repetitive tasks and the use of an immobilization brace for a period of time. These devices help keep the wrist in proper alignment and gradually alleviate the pressure on the nerve. 

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