The staff is wonderful! Always a great visit

Brandi H., customer since 2018

I really liked the atmosphere there down to earth and friendly. Enjoyed being tought things I could do at home to improve my conditions and also that the chiropractor was willing to explain everything they did. True a great experience

Customer since 2018

Very friendly environment Helpfully staff Everyone is super friendly and super nice! Best chiropractor in the state of Kentucky!

Austin B., customer since 2017

My back is a difficult one to adjust. Dr. Short always gets it right!

Customer since 2007

On time-found the sore spots and helped them.

Carl S., customer since 2015

Your practice is outstanding. Everyone is very friendly and professional. You guys listen to your patiences and then fix the problem. I have referred many people to your practice. Most of all Thank you for fixing my issues and making me pain free.

Tammy R., customer since 2016

Listened to my concerns and have given effective advice.

Customer since 2010

Ansley Turner is AMAZING! SO thorough and knowledgeable with chiropractic care for pregnancy and children! She helped my body prepare for a wonderful natural birth, after 2 previous difficult inductions. Ive already recommended multiple people to see her.

Ashley C., customer since 2018

I can count on getting an appointment quickly if need be and adjusted promptly and correctly. Thank you very much.

Customer since 2018

Dr. Garrison is the best I have been to in Kentucky! That being said her training the other Chiropractors in her network is vital and assuring.

Customer since 2015

I suffered a disabling injury in the Army years ago and give full credit to Dr. Garrison for helping alleviate the pain and increase my mobility over the past 81/2 years.

Customer since 2010

The staff is phenomenal Tyler is the best

Crystal H., customer since 2017

There are so many things, to many to mention, that were hurting me, that you all have fixed. And even if you don't have aches and pains, chiro care is awesome for your overall well being. I highly recommend Bluegrass Chiro, I tried all the others in town, and Bluegrass is the BEST!!

Myrtle H., customer since 2004

Both Dr Garrison and Dr Toon offer effective treatment . I feel better after an adjustment. They take time to listen to your symptoms and concerns. Both are also interested in you on a personal level. I fell well cared for.

Customer since 2009

I'd had an unresolved ankle issue for over a year. Dr. Garrison not only fixed my ongoing ankle pain, by the way the ankle kept causing issues in my knees and low back, but gave me exercises to strengthen the ankle to prevent any reoccurrence.

Barry S., customer since 2002

Because of Bluegrass Chiro chiropractors I am able to walk and live life pain-free once again. Over the years, you have helped me recover from injuries and also provided excellent "maintenance" care, which helps prevent injuries. You gave me my life back!

Kimberly S., customer since 2002

The staff is friendly and Dr Tyler is the best

Karen P., customer since 2017

After a year and a half of chronic pain at only 15 years old, hope for permanent relief finally! Thank you Dr Tyler.

River L., customer since 2004

Very professional staff and wonderful results.

Randy F., customer since 2017

Cheerful, professional attitudes. Very clean environment. Affordable prices. Receptionist kind & not pushy. Good results !!

Marilyn A., customer since 2018

You've made my back feel alot better and my pinched nerve doesn't seemed to be pinched anymore. Thank you very much!!

Jeffery B., customer since 2018

Easy to get an appointment, no long waits in the waiting room, and responsive treatment to problems.

Customer since 2014

I feel like your doctors office listens very well to my problems, helps me with what I need help with, all around great atmosphere. I think this is the best chiropractor office I’ve ever been to. I want to say thank you to Dr. Turner for everything she does for me. You’re awesome.

Alicia R., customer since 2018

Having been to a chiropractor in Lexington, you talk to me. Then you adjust me. I am not just one of many you lay hands on. You give me all sorts of helpful advice.

Erica F., customer since 2012

friendly and always getting people in when they need to be seen and not have to wait .

Melissa Y., customer since 2009

My work schedule is always changing,so I'm not always able to make a appointment very far in advance. But when i call they some how work me in.very important when I may be gone 2 or 3 days, driving a truck Thanks

Marty L., customer since 2015

comfortable setting quick appointments .... in and out! Knowledgeable staff

Melissa N., customer since 2018

Efficient and thorough. Friendly staff.

Customer since 2008

Quick and no waiting around

Customer since 2018

The staff at Bluegrass Chiro Danville are very Open, and excepting to my blindness. The staff as well as the doctor did not think twice about helping me in any way shape or form. I felt very comfortable in the environment, as well as reassured that the staff would be there whenever I needed them. I felt safe in talking to the staff, and the doctor and knew I was in good hands.

Gabriella G., customer since 2018

Nice professional staff. Clean surroundings. Excellent care by the by chiropractor! Love me some Ansley Turner!

Kimberly L., customer since 2018

Very friendly, and welcoming

Cody M., customer since 2018

Easy to get appointments; personal attention to help heal specific issue; don't rush patients out of the room; friendly staff. What more could you ask for?

Customer since 2004

Wonderful staff! My first time ever to a chiropractor so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything was explained in detail before anything was done and they have been very helpful. Highly recommend this facility and Dr. Tyler Ediger.

Shelly M., customer since 2018

You helped fix my back pain in less than a month.

Benjamin W., customer since 2018

Very personable staff, very helpful and always makes me fell better when i leave there! Great group of people!

Stacy A., customer since 2014

I absolutely love every one there!! The staff is very friendly and I love the fact that you perform a thorough check before adjusting me looking for what is out of alignment and not just pop, snap crackle adjustments!! You care for your patients which we all see!

Kristi B., customer since 2012

Everyone is very kind and personable. I always feel welcomed and leave feeling much better than when I arrived. Grateful to have found this office!

Customer since 2017

Tyler is awesome, friendly and helpful!

Customer since 2018

When I first came to see Callie I was in a lot of pain. She made me at ease and helped me with my pain quickly. Callie is a great Dr and really is Soo great at her job. I want see anyone else. She's great and her whole staff also!

Peggy S., customer since 2013

The staff is very friendly and efficient. Each of the doctors I have see, especially Dr. Short, have been very thorough in their assessing any problem or painful areas. The chiropractic adjustments over time have made my life much more comfortable and pain-free. The continued maintenance adjustments help keep my body aligned and healthy. This is the best holistic way of continuing good health and I highly recommend their services.

Paula W., customer since 2016

Friendly staff and knowledgeable and caring doctors

Customer since 2011

Everyone is very helpful and Dr Toon knows what he's doing.

Wayne R., customer since 2015

I appreciate the type of crainial treatment you give. It is real moving of bones, and I know its not some weird procedure. There are other kinds of treatment out there that are really hokas pokas.

Darlene S., customer since 2018

Everyone in the office were so friendly and helpful. Dr Toon helped my back problem.

Customer since 2012

The doctors and staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The doctors are the most knowledgeable and up to date chiropractors I've ever had found and provide the best and quickest relief ever.

Robert B., customer since 2004

You have always been very honest with me and my condition. When my shoulder was bad and after a while of treating me you sent me to PT. Thank you very much. My shoulder is completely healed. I still have to do strengthening exercises, but I am getting old, so that's that.

Regina H., customer since 2004

The therapy really helped my neck which in turn helped the headaches being caused by my neck. It was easy to get appointments to suit my schedule and I was never kept waiting long. I felt like they really cared about me.

Julie P., customer since 2018

Dr Tyler is a good listener to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr Tyler

Customer since 2016

Great staff. and have always made me feel better. Couldn't ask for a better chiropractor.

Customer since 2009

Everyone is very friendly. They always can fit me in when I need help.

Tim S., customer since 2015

I've been going to Danville family Chiro for 9 years and they have always done there best to make sure I walk out of there better then when I've come in! I highly recommend this place to anyone

Customer since 2010

Very professional and fixed my back problems.

Michael G., customer since 2018

It is rare that we need to seek any medical care beyond Bluegrass Chiro! You have helped us through pregnancy, ear infections, injuries, and general health. We are thrilled with the care, compassion, and services provided by Bluegrass Chiro! Thank you for supporting our family's wellness!

Isabelle C., customer since 2018

Love Dr. Turner. She pays close attention to your concerns and does everything she can to alleviate your discomfort in a very professional manner with much care.

Anita Y., customer since 2018

Great service, great staff

Ann G., customer since 2018

Callie Garrison is great! She always tells you what she's doing and how it will help.

Customer since 2002

They got me to my first appointment quickly. They provided a reminder a few days before the next appointment. Dr. Toon was very professional and the results were very good.

Customer since 2018

Dr’s. Garrison & Turner help with women issues.

Customer since 2010

Great low impact adjustments. Had had a couple bad experiences with treatments before. The staff is great very knowledgeable on natural healing. Been going for years, always been able to “fix” me.

Rodney M., customer since 2005

Very friendly and professional.

Robin R., customer since 2017

Very friendly staff who tried to understand all your conditions, short wait times and easy to schedule with

Ashton W., customer since 2018

On time, caring, & organized and efficient!

Customer since 2012

I am a midwife and have been very impressed with the care you all have provided for my clients, both pregnant and the babies. I tell all my expecting ladies they should see a chiropractor trained in Webster Technique. Thank you for what you do!

Hanna S., customer since 2018

Very thorough on evaluation before doing any adjustments

Sara G., customer since 2013

Everyone is so friendly! They really care about the patient and their needs. Ansley Turner is so patient and caring! I've already recommended her to several friends. She has really helped my issue and even calls to check on you if you are having a rough time!! Bluegrass Chiropractor of Danville rocks!!!!

Sondra D., customer since 2018

The staff here are warm and friendly. They worked quickly and effectively to improve my pain and to address any concerns. Even my young son was not intimidated by his treatment and enjoyed going. His headaches have not returned since. I highly recommend treatment at Bluegrass Chiro if anyone has chiropractic needs; I am greatly appreciative of my experience there.

Customer since 2018

I didn’t have a long wait time in the waiting room. My doctor listens to me and alters care to meet my needs.

Customer since 2018

Just a bright friendly staff.

Ronnie S., customer since 2018

Dr. Short always gets my back-back in shape without discomfort.

Customer since 2007

The office staff are attentive and skilled. Dr. Turner is professional, skilled and knowledgeable. She is kind, patient and explains all procedures. She listens when I describe my symptoms and alters procedures accordingly. My symptoms have improved. I feel comfortable with her and am thankful for her approach. Thank you.

Judith H., customer since 2018

Receive concerned attention, suggestions to help myself, and never a feeling of being rushed thru visit. And, always feel better when I leave.

Customer since 2012

Dr. Tyler is amazing! I go to him for all my sports injuries. He sees quickly and has me back on the field in no time.

Customer since 2016

The expertise of the therapists is excellent and the efficiency and friendliness of staff make every visit productive and pleasant.

Customer since 2013

Veey concerned about my hip pain and getting me back to enjoying life of walking again!

Sherry R., customer since 2004

Callie is so in tune with my body. She knows exactly where the sore spots are. When she has you lay down on the table she can tell by looking at you what needs to be done. She explains what she is doing and tells you what is going on. Callie is the best. Everyone at Bluegrass Chiro are so nice.

Patricia R., customer since 2008

you take time for each of your patients and do not rush through the visits. You listen to each problem and strive to resolve them. All of you personnel are very knowledgeable and able help the patients regardless of who the patient sees.

Customer since 2010

Take the time to listen to the real issue. You explain things to where you can easily understand. Thanks for the outstanding care. Above and beyond!

Customer since 2016

Everyone is always so kind and accommodating, PLUS, most often, I get relief from what is ailing me in one or two visits.

Kelly C., customer since 2012

You were able to work me in same day even being a new patient.

Customer since 2018

I suffered a severe, permanent, inoperable back injury in the military 42 years ago. For the past 8 years, I've been treated by Dr. Callie Short and she's helped me more than any Dr., Physical Therapist, or other Chiropractor.

Customer since 2010

Dr. Toon is very personable and takes his time with his patients.

Tina H., customer since 2016

I have been suffering with severe low back pain for almost 4 years. I had been to 2 chiropractors and a medical doctor. Nothing was giving me relief. When Ansley Turner returned to Danville, I decided to try one more chiropractor and see what could be done. She has worked with me for a couple months and for the first time in almost 4 years I am close to pain free. She has been a God send to me.

Tammy T., customer since 2018

very friendly and knowledgeable!

Chelcy S., customer since 2007

I've been helped from my head to toes literally. Bluegrass Chiro is the best.

Myrtle H., customer since 2004

Doctors and staff are friendly and courteous. They always make you feel important and that they care about you. They are very knowledgeable about what they do .

Customer since 2004

You know that I have been seeing you and others @ Bluegrass Chiro for over a decade. There is nowhere else that our family would ever go. You and your staff treat us wonderfully and not only treat the symptoms, but educate us to prevent injury as well as to exercise and recover from injury. You all are amazing!

Kimberly S., customer since 2002

You ALWAYS make the time to ask questions and listen to answers to help you determine how best to help me. You do a fantastic job of recognizing the problem and fixing it, fixing me! Thank you!

Kimberly S., customer since 2002

I am finally feeling better than I have in a long time. The office personal are always friendly and helpful! !

Debra S., customer since 2017

Listened to my symptoms and gave me a path to health and recovery. I always felt like you were attentive and committed in the time you gave me in appointments.

Barry S., customer since 2002

The bottom line is you have helped me stay healthy, not only by the work you masterfully did with my body, but also by the information you've provided so I can keep myself healthy.

Roxanne H., customer since 2009

Great professional service

Karen P., customer since 2017

They take their time with you! I feel like they will work with you until they know they have you adjusted right!

Tammy B., customer since 2015

Very knowledgeable doctors that are great listeners. Our family has received pertinent and reliable treatment from the expert team for nearly seven years. Highly recommend.

Jill K., customer since 2014

Everything. I was told what would be done before it was done, so I was not caught off guard. I was told what treatments and adjustments would take time and which would give immediate relief. AND, Tyler and Callie took real good care of my son and pregnant daughter-in-law as well. Our family is very blessed to have been taken such great care of.

Donna G., customer since 2007

After trying many different chiropractors, Steven found my low back pain, treated it and removed it.

Craig W., customer since 2014

You have a knowledge and understanding staff that takes the time to address my issues and every visit is a great experience.

Customer since 2014

The connection with patients and the chiropractic work is awesome. Dr. Tyler is the best!

Clayton K., customer since 2016

As an athlete who puts a lot of stress on their back, I sometimes say Dr. Toon is my best friend. Whether it's an adjustment before a competition or to put me back together after a competition, I can always count on him to provide professional and courteous service. Meghan Owens 5-Time National Champion Javelin Thrower

Lisa O., customer since 2006

I feel that in addition to good care, my time is valued by the staff

Customer since 2018

I am so happy I went to see Dr. Edger . I had so much pain in my ribs. He has helped me so much. The pain is so much better. He explained everything to me that he was doing and why. And his adjustments worked and helped me to feel so much better. Everyone in the office are so nice and maded me feel so welcome and I knew he really wanted to help me get better. So glad I found them.

Regina B., customer since 2018

Everyone is friendly and professional. I like getting text reminders about my appointments. Dr. Tyler listens to my concerns and provides very targeted treatment.

Rosalind C., customer since 2018

Dr. Turner is very knowledgeable and explains what shes doing and why.

Customer since 2018

Everyone is very caring and listen attentively.... So polite and helpful...they all care about helping you feel better. It's an amazing place to get help.

Martina C., customer since 2018

Dr Paul is a very personable, professional and thorough Chiropractor and absolutely does his best to find a solution and or resolve any issue you may have.All the staff there is very friendly and makes you feel like a part of a family

Greg W., customer since 2018

I feel like I am listened to and my concerns are addressed.

Customer since 2010

Everyone listens and tries to take the best care of patients. I always feel brand new after leaving. I don't know what I'd do without this place

David C., customer since 2011

I accidentally answered this the 1st time I answered it with 0 because I thought I had to tap on the zero to change it!

Lee T., customer since 2009

I was able to get an appointment and an adjustment very quickly. You got me major relief pronto! I did not have to go through an expensive ritual of prior problems, x-rays and time consuming body contortions. And I received friendly service, thoughtful explanations, wonderful conversations and all with a smile. Thank you sincerely. I was suppose to be talking about my Kodak moments, right? LOL. ...An Ole' Kornball

Lee K., customer since 2018

I love going to Callie she always finds the spot that is bothering me. She works the kinks out. I always feel better after a visit with her. Callie and everyone at Bluegrass Chiropractic treat you like family. I always tell people if you need a chiropractor you should try Bluegrass Chiropractic they are awesome.

Patricia R., customer since 2008

Have helped me feel better and given me ways to keep myself healthy.

Customer since 2005

Several years ago, I suffered a severe inoperable back injury that resulted in continuous pain and mobility issues. Dr. Callie Short has successfully reduced the pain level and increased my mobility.

Customer since 2010

Beckett is actually my 5 month old. But I was very happy with how well she was treated and her results:) it can be scary to bring a infant in for treatment for the first time but Dr. Turner was very professional and great with her. Thank you.

Customer since 2018

You listen carefully and suggest solutions.

Customer since 2013

Very friendly and efficient staff, I'm impressed with the personal attention given to patients! Thanks for the care and treatment, feeling much better!!

Comer P., customer since 2018

my husband & I have been treated by all 3 of your chiropractors and are happy with each one. Very professional, knowledgeable, and good personalities(makes us feel comfortable)

Customer since 2010

Good care and great employees.

Shan K., customer since 2005

Always able to get help when needed Friendly, professional Always very helpful. Trust him to help me feel better.

Customer since 2006

I am a “frequent flyer” at Bluegrass Chiro. Everyone ALWAYS extends exemplary service and care.

Susan C., customer since 2007

I love Bluegrass Chiro, the chiropractors are so very knowledgeable, they have helped me with so many issues from head to toe literally.

Myrtle H., customer since 2004

I always know I'm working with a well trained professional. (Just need to work on the wait time.)

Customer since 2016

You always make customers feel welcome and important. Staff are all friendly and courteous

Delores F., customer since 2004

Dr, Tyler is so kind to my children (8 & 11) and makes them feel safe. He has made a special bond with them and they will not see anyone else. He really goes out of his way to make everything just right. Thanks Dr. Tyler, for everything! The Johnson's

Trinity J., customer since 2017

Bluegrass Chiropractic values relationship with their patients. they take their time with eath individual. They are a great team of problem solvers.

Jessica I., customer since 2012

Dr Toon is a caring person who listens to his patients to better understand their conditions and needs. He then advises a course of action, answering your questions and providing information to help you better understand a path to help resolve your physical needs. I will continue my care with Dr Toon when needed and recommend his skills to anyone who suffers from back pain.

Randy F., customer since 2017

My life would have been completely different had I not started to come see you. I felt I was going to have to give up all the activities I dearly loved and live a life filled with pain. You have helped me heal from the back pain I was having, improve my posture, and you taught me to do my gardening and other activities safely and easily. With the exception of occasional setbacks, live an active, relative pain-free and very happy life. I owe you so, so much and I am very grateful for all you have done for me.

Roxanne H., customer since 2009

Great sums it up!

Barbara R., customer since 2018

Chiropractors (I've seen Dr Toon & Dr Garrison) take a personal interest in you - know your history, family, hobbies + problem areas. The office is good about squeezing me in with someone if it is an emergency. When the drs are out of town, they are good about leaving coverage for their patients.

Customer since 2009

Waiting on me to get there instead of me sitting in waiting room forever. In and out in less than 30 minutes.

Adam G., customer since 2011

You worked well to full fill my need to maintain my care.

Kevin G., customer since 2016

Everyone is nice and courteous . always gets me in and out promptly. And always listen to any problem

Marty L., customer since 2015

Got rid of my headaches by fixing my neck

Customer since 2018

We have been going to you since our daughter was 2 years old, she just turned 14. She really enjoys going to you. And she is starting to learn herself when she feels like she need to be adjusted. Thanks greatly for helping her.

Margaret B., customer since 2009

Tyler is always is so pleasant and friendly! I really appreciate his technique and for introducing the dry needle therapy that helped me tremendously with severe pain I was having. I always feel so much better after being adjusted here ! Thanks so much;)

Mary B., customer since 2018

I just appreciate that you care for me and don't mind yanking on my toe or pushing my guts around inside me. It shows me that you care and I appreciate you greatly. My way of showing met appreciation is shown in many ways, but one specific way is that I almost always bathe before coming for my appointment and typically I wear new socks. It is my way of saying "I love you, Callie"

David L., customer since 2012

Dr. Tyler takes the time to listen to you and then address the issues. He will also take the time to give you suggestions example told me to keep my shoulders back and it would reduce the strain on my neck which would reduce the amount of headaches I get. I have also told my son that he needed to go see Dr. Tyler

Jim G., customer since 2017

Having gone to the chiropractor for many years, I understand and appreciate how excellent the care is at Bluegrass Chiro. Everyone is warm and welcoming and concerned about your health. The team of doctors are very highly skilled, gentle, and extremely thorough. I highly recommend visiting Bluegrass chiro if you are interested in improving your overall health. They go above and beyond in partnering with you to achieve your best health possible.

Susan C., customer since 2007

Aside from the usual benefits to my back, after my treatment: My headache is gone! -Sherry James

Customer since 2007

Callie listens and takes care to adjust my body according to my special needs.

Customer since 2010

Professional, kind,caring

Linda N., customer since 2003

I suffered a severe inoperable back injury during a rollover accident in 1967. Since then, I have seen numerous chiropractors and physical therapists for pain relief. Dr Callie Short has treated me on a regular basis for the past 8 years and has done a great job of helping me keep the pain under control.

Customer since 2010

You guys are fantantasic, as I detailed in a previous (similar) customer feedback request form a few months ago. Please feel free to quote my previous feedback. Keep up the great (healing) work!

Thomas S., customer since 2008

You listen and give suggestions for future solutions/treatment depending on progress.

Customer since 2013

Staff are very kind and friendly. Dr. Toon is friendly and knowledgeable about chiro needs, I recommend Bluegrass Chiro.

Customer since 2016

Tyler is the best person I have seen in years for neck, shoulders and back. I Will never ever go to anyone else. No more head aches as long as I keep up the routine! The Combination of adjustments and the needling treatments keep me pain free!

Monareia W., customer since 2017

Jessica I., customer since 2012

Dr. Turner is so caring and nice. She has helped me so much. Office staff and everyone I’ve met there is so friendly and nice.

Barbara R., customer since 2018

Dr Turner is amazing! She treats the whole body.

Kerry M., customer since 2018

very nice staff and all the Drs are awesome highly recommend Bluegrass Chiropractor in Danville

Stacy A., customer since 2014

Great staff! Very professional!

Customer since 2018

We LOVE Bluegrass Chiro. Dennis and Callie have been extremely helpful to our whole family and they have so much knowledge about the human body that we all learn something new every time we go!

Customer since 2018

Friendly staff, awesome chiropractor, Tyler, who took care of my pain!

Raven C., customer since 2018

Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Ediger has helped me so much. I'm glad I began treatments here.

Customer since 2017

Everyone is nice and professional. I usually don't have to wait long and I have confidence they will be able to help me.

Carolyn E., customer since 2013

All the doctors at Bluegrass Chiro have helped me so much I could never thank them enough. I have been a patient for 12 years and have sent numerous friends and family!! Thanks for all you do!!

Jamie H., customer since 2006

Knowledge. Customer service. Professional. Friendly. Effective.

Joseph I., customer since 2017

Dr. Callie Garrison!

Pamela S., customer since 2015

Dr. Short is the best chiropractor I have ever had. Dr. Short knows what adjustments to make, is friendly, and treats my individual needs.

Sherry J., customer since 2007

Very short wait time. Takes his time to really listen to your concerns. Excellent results.

Customer since 2016

I have been a patient at Bluegrass Chiro almost back to the days when they first opened. Dr. Callie has taken care of everything from sprained ankles, ear problems, and of course the misalignment of my spinal column. This office is my go to place for everything. The staff are always welcoming, friendly, and very helpful. I highly recommend all the practitioners in this office.

Linda N., customer since 2003

Bluegrass Doctors of Chiropractic have a very high level of training, are all bright, stay up to date on new ways of treating and adjusting. You explain chiropractic so well that I am constantly learning about my health. You inspire patients to be well because you are extraordinarily well. The whole staff is positive, kind, helpful and caring. I feel very comfortable at Bluegrass Chiro. I trust and like everyone as friends.

Sylvia B., customer since 2011

You always took the time to listen to me. You cared enough to send me to physical therapy when you knew you had done all you could do with my shoulder. Thanks Doc.

Regina H., customer since 2004

Tyler was very helpful, thorough, and informative about my treatment.

Customer since 2017

I receive a thorough assessment and great advice to maintain the awesome care received to get my body back on track.

Christie M., customer since 2010

you listen to my concerns and address then with suggestions

Customer since 2010

I have two teenagers in 4 sports and their bodies take a beating. Whether it’s sprains, strains, tears or alignment issues, I have found over the last four years there is no one more qualified than Bluegrass Chiro to diagnose you properly and heal you quickly. I took my child to the ER because I no other choice at the time. They diagnosed him with a torn paraspinal muscle and told me he could continue wrestling. The next day we went to B C for a proper diagnosis. He actually had torn the cartilage from his rib on the bottom left side. Had I listened to ER doctor my child could very well have punctured a lung while wrestling. They are wonderful about explaining the injury, the estimated recovery time and what to do to get it to heal quickly.

Andrea S., customer since 2015

I love when you all explain what you’re doing and what’s going on with my body. You al are so kind and great with my baby as well!

Kaitlin W., customer since 2016

Besides the very best Chiropractic care, you also offer suggestions for improving overall health and well being. In my case, suggesting stretching exercises that I feel helped speed my recovery.

James C., customer since 2013

Great doctors. Really focus on the issue to correct it. Great people!

Customer since 2004

Fixed my neck and back every time I come in to see Dr Toon

Martha A., customer since 2011

Yes I came to you with neck pain that no one could help and i faithfully came back for my follow up adjustments and within 2 months, my pain was gone and that was more than 10 yrs ago! Your Doctors and staff are caring and professional!

Rick T., customer since 2007

I love bluegrass chiro! I’ve been to many Chiropractors over the years and these guys are my favorite. Very friendly and professional. Dr. Toon is really great at his job & also always makes you feel important. He gets to the source of your pain and makes sure he does everything possible to help you.

Krista M., customer since 2015

Tyler was gentle an releaved all pain during my pregnancy an my labor was great

Andreannia P., customer since 2017

Dr. Toon is awesome! He’s straightened me out a few times over the years. 100% recommend.

Rachel B., customer since 2013

I suffered from coccyx pain for 4 months and after 3-4 adjustments I’m pain free.

Kelley B., customer since 2017

ALWAYS takes care of reason why I am there. Often given methods on how to maintain between visits. Treated like a real person, not just a client. Feel safe in Callie's hands.

Customer since 2012

I like that I don’t have to wait a long time to be seen. My pain is better when I leave.

Customer since 2017

Well, I'm already happy just being above ground and pumping air at my age! But, you definitely continue to help keep me healthy, flexible, and fully involved with life. I remember when I first started going to Bluegrass Chiropractic; lower and upper back pain, stiff, ... everything hurt. I'd given up my favorite hobbies because of the pain i.e. hiking, gardening, motorcycles, and horseback riding. It didn't take too long, but regular visits paid off. I learned to eat healthy, I lost weight, reduced my cronic inflamation by a factor of 10 (at least) and have been back hiking, gardening, and motorcycling for the past 5 years or so. My current maintenance program allows me to stay active doing ALL the things I enjoy. Thank you, Bluegrass Chiropractic!

Thomas S., customer since 2008

Made me feel important-Dr comes to waiting room and says " come on back". Most places a receptionist does this-not here- my Dr. came-I didn't have to sit in an empty room wondering how soon he would be in-now I am relaxed and ready for adjustment.

Carl S., customer since 2015

DR. Short, you did everything right!. I always left your office feeling much better. There were times when you answered many questions for me. Thank you. Carolyn

Carolyn H., customer since 2006

First of all the problems I️ come in for get taken care of. Secondly I️ feel like there is a thorough understanding / explanation of how the body works.

Kevin W., customer since 2016

Dr. Toon has helped me in so many ways and areas of my body. I have all kinds of issues, aches and pains and he works on it all. Dr. Toon is very personable, friendly and cares about his patients. I can get in to see him quickly and the staff is also very personable.

Susan A., customer since 2013

You get in and out fast. And everyone is vary personable, instead of just another folder with information in it..

Silas R., customer since 2013

Love Calli. She helps me keep my creaky, arthritic body fully functioning.

Customer since 2013

The ease of making an appointment, even a same day if it’s more critical. That you see children and adults.

Carrie G., customer since 2013

Our whole family depends on the quality care that we get from Bluegrass Chiropractic! We appreciate the level of knowledge that the doctors have and the atmosphere of care and understanding.

Jill K., customer since 2014

Dr. Toon and the staff are always focused on my needs. Treatment to alleviate pain yes, however, direction to properly protect myself with focused exercise is always part of the treatment. I can not recommend more highly their professional approach to my health.

David S., customer since 2004

Callie is the best.

Brenda K., customer since 2015

Dr. Toon, You and the staff there have been very helpful to me. Thank you very much. I had to go thru a year of therapy along with the work you did for me on my shoulder. Its a long healing process, but with determination to do the exercise I needed to do and by Gods grace I feel like I'm back to normal. Thank you again for being so kind and honest with me. Regina Henson

Regina H., customer since 2004

I feel like the Chiropractors make each patient a priority. They take their time to assess what each and every patient needs and treats them with great respect. I would highly recommend Bluegrass Chiro to anyone.

Customer since 2011

Great bed side manner. Everybody there makes you feel welcome. The employees are so friendly and helpful.

Customer since 2009

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