Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Our Kentucky Chiropractor Discusses Sciatica

Sciatica isn’t a specific disease. It’s a syndrome that happens when something in the body like a misaligned joint, herniated disc, or bony cyst compresses the sciatic nerve where it exits the spinal cord in the lower back. At Bluegrass Chiro, our chiropractic team, lead by Dr. Dennis Short, is happy to help you learn about the leading signs of sciatica. The sooner you notice these signs and symptoms in yourself or a loved one, the sooner you can seek treatment and get relief!

1. Leg Pain

People with sciatica often describe burning, sharp, shooting, radiating, or achy pain in the buttocks, groin, and leg. Usually, symptoms occur in one leg only, but sometimes pain can affect both legs.

2. Leg Numbness

The sciatic nerve branches off into the legs and transmits both sensory and muscle information. That’s why many people with sciatica experience numbness, tingling, or other altered sensations in various parts of their legs.

3. Back Pain and Stiffness

Lower back pain and stiffness is a common complaint in people experiencing sciatica.

4. Leg Weakness

If the compression of the sciatic nerve is intense or long-lasting enough, eventually some muscles in the leg may become weak because they lose proper innervation. Many people notice this because they have a “drop foot” (inability to lift their toes) or begin to be more “clumsy” because they frequently trip or stumble.

5. Pain That Changes

Sciatica pain often comes and goes, depending on factors like time of day, activity, or stress level. For instance, people often notice their sciatic symptoms get worse after prolonged sitting or standing. Moving their back in certain directions could also cause sciatic nerve pain to move up or down the leg.

Sciatica Symptoms Disrupting Your Day?

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