Why Chiropractic?

The most common question I get in the office is – why does my back/neck get out of alignment?

I would have to say the most important factor in spinal function is stress. When we are under stress the body goes in to the fight or flight response and is only focused on survival. It would be like a boat with a leak. The leak is like stress.

The faster the leak the more time you have to devote to bailing the water to keep the boat afloat – and the less time you have to devote to navigation. Eventually the boat will drift into something and get stuck or worse sink entirely!

The same holds for stress. The more you have, the less energy your body has to fix and repair the daily damage we all encounter. By balancing the body’s systems, chiropractic helps to “plug the leak” and keep stress from overwhelming you.

If you are stressed out, don’t wait until the stress starts to destroy your well-being. Get balanced and get your body out of the fight or flight state so it is able to take on the challenges of this world.

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