If you’ve been injured at work, what can you do about the pain? Going to a chiropractor and following medical instructions is important, but after months or even years of no relief, what can you do next?

Changing medication and increasing dosage can be risky, especially with side effects, medication conflicts, and liver damage that can happen when processing higher amounts of some substances. Even if you’re not worried about long-term damage, some options simply aren’t cost-effective.

Have you explored chiropractic therapy? To understand your options and to see how our staff at Bluegrass Chiro can help, here are a few work injury relief details to clear the fog about managing pain.

Pain Assistance for Work-Related Injuries

After an injury at the job, get medical help and gather evidence. Don’t tamper with anything; you don’t want to alter, destroy, or edit any items involved in the accident or any pictures you took as evidence. Get the medical care you need and make sure you have proof that the event happened.

When you’re able to take stock of your situation, it’s time to work on Workers Compensation. Any company you work for should be contributing to worker’s comp insurance, and you’ll be filing paperwork about the injury to make sure that your situation is covered by workers comp.

It’s a good idea to get a lawyer at this point. Even if you trust the company, the company’s lawyers need to protect the company’s bottom line. This may mean convincing you to sign away your rights to demand compensation for complications later on in life, such as lifelong pain or disability that may not be an obvious fate right now.

Workers comp will cover the immediate medical costs related to your injury. When an injury becomes chronic or turns into a long-term disability, you will deal with a similar, but separate set of disability benefits.

Paying for specialists such as chiropractic services should be covered by the people who caused the injury to happen, or the people responsible for providing a safe workspace. Don’t sign that away.

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors are best known for adjusting the body–often the spine–to provide pain solutions. There are many other benefits at chiropractic offices, such as muscle training or general fitness advice and details on how to adjust your quality of living with changes at home.

Many chiropractic professionals hold multiple qualifications that can deliver whole-body, multi-disciplined chiropractic services to your pain problems. It’s more than popping a few joints and stretching your arms, and your medical history will be a part of their professional analysis.

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