When we experience nagging headaches, it can disrupt our day, making it nearly impossible to think clearly.

Some people experience occasional headaches, while others suffer from chronic headaches, which may affect a person’s sleep, meals, and work.

If you suffer from headaches, it is time to see a chiropractor to learn how spinal adjustments can be used to treat your headache pain.

Our chiropractors at Bluegrass Chiro serve patients in Winchester, Elizabethtown, and the surrounding areas for all of their headache needs.

Types of Headaches

People who suffer from headaches experience one of many types of headache pain. Tension headaches are common, especially among people who experience a high amount of stress in their daily life. This type of headache presents as a band of tension around the head, and pain in the neck and shoulders can develop. A cervicogenic headache is caused by neck pain or an injury, which can cause pain in the head or face. Other symptoms of a cervicogenic headache include stiffness and shoulder discomfort.

How a Chiropractor Helps Headache Pain

Seeing a chiropractor can provide you with a release from headache pain. The chiropractor will assess, diagnose, and manage your headache pain, helping you live a pain-free life. The standard chiropractic treatment used to treat headaches involves spinal adjustments, which help realign the spine and reduce the stress placed on joints, muscles, and areas of the body that may trigger a headache.

In addition to a spinal adjustment, your chiropractor may also use massage therapy, manual manipulation, or acupuncture to relieve headaches. We can also provide at-home stretches and exercises, recommend lifestyle changes, and offer nutritional counseling to help with headache pain between appointments.

See Our Chiropractors for Headache Relief

It is time to see a chiropractor for diagnosis and pain management if you are suffering from chronic headaches. Our chiropractors at Bluegrass Chiro provide quality chiropractic care for our patients in Winchester, Elizabethtown, and the surrounding areas. We will perform a compressive assessment and create a customized treatment plan designed to provide the headache relief that you need. Best of all, chiropractic care does not rely on pain medication or invasive procedures to produce results. Call our team today at one of our eleven locations or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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