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Dr. Ashley Presthus grew up in Northwest Iowa and graduated from Sheldon High School in 2013. She then chose to attend Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA where she majored in Human Performance, Kinesiology. She spent her time there working with various sports teams as medical sideline support and was involved in a panel called the Bishop’s Scholars that advocated for students directly to the Bishop and Chair of the University Board. After graduating in 2016, she chose to continue her education at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis in sports medicine.

Northwestern is where Dr. Presthus developed her personal approach to health care; which she describes as “practical and personalized”. During her time at Northwestern she advocated for the chiropractic profession in Washington D.C and served as the Chapter President of the Student American Chiropractic Association. Dr. Presthus chose to complete rotations at the Salvation Army and Integrated Care Center of Minnesota, Northwestern’s community free clinics, to serve her community and help provide access to those in need of care. She also spent time on the sidelines for the various sports teams that Northwestern works with; including a local high school and a women’s semi-pro football team.Northwestern’s community free clinics, to serve her community and help provide access to those in need of care. 

She also spent time on the sidelines for the various sports teams that Northwestern works with; including a local high school and a women’s semi-pro football team.

Dr. Presthus enjoys seeing all types of patients, but she especially enjoys working with expecting moms, babies, and young athletes! While practicing in Kansas City, this group became her focus which led to Dr. Presthus’s favorite chiropractic memory – getting to give her cousin’s newborn his first ever adjustment! On the weekend, you can find her cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones, exploring the sites of her new home with her dog Astro, and experimenting in the kitchen. 

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Bardstown Chiropractic

Car accidents, sporting activities, and poor body posture are some of the common causes of body pain. Often people assume and hope that the pain goes away by itself. This does not happen in most cases, in fact, the situation ends up worsening. Therefore, whenever you experience some pain, it is prudent to seek help from a chiropractor immediately.

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation and adjustment of the muscles, bones, and spinal joints to facilitate healing and lowering the pain. At Blue Grass Chiro, we have experienced chiropractic doctors at our Bardstown center, who will examine and treat your pain. We are located in Bardstown, KY and our facilities are open from Monday to Friday.

Our Chiropractic Services

Sports Injuries which result from sporting activities, and which can affect players of all ages and gender. Our chiropractor will examine your injury to evaluate whether chiropractic care alone can rid you of the problem. This helps them to customize a unique treatment plan that will solve your unique problem. It is important for you to report to our chiropractors whenever you get injured while sporting.

Neck and Back Pain which may come with severe and sharp pain. Injuries on your neck are often a result of auto accidents and bad body posture. If you get involved in an accident, your head, neck, and back are the most vulnerable body parts. Injuries to your back can be very serious if unattended for long. This is because the spine may get affected and the whole nervous system will be in trouble. Our doctors of chiropractic will help you back to functioning well without pain. We also have advanced diagnostic machines which will help us identify the affected muscles and bones.

Work and Auto Accident Injuries. Some works can be very risky, especially construction and maintenance works. Office jobs can as well affect your back if you don’t maintain an upright posture. Vehicle accidents cause an equal measure of pain and injury which may render you dysfunctional. At Bluegrass Chiro of Bardstown, we will do our best to ensure that you are able to continue with your daily activities without any health challenge.

Chiropractic care maybe right for you and it is a natural therapy, thus reducing side effects. It is also non-invasive and almost painless, which makes it suitable for all victims. The therapy is tailored to treat the actual cause of pain, therefore, reducing the chances of the pain recurring.

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