Work Related Injuries FAQs

work related injuries faq


Being the victim of a work injury is an all-too-common occurrence.

Whether you work a job doing physical labor, driving, or even working at an office, a work injury is never too far away.

Unfortunately, many people might not engage in treatment for a work injury due to fear of missing out on work.

On the contrary, not visiting a chiropractor and continuing with your work injury like normal may do more harm than good.

At Bluegrass Chiro in Winchester, KY, with Dr. Potts, and Elizabethtown, KY, with Dr. Nicholas Fox, we make it our goal to help you recover from a work injury. If you’ve been suffering from pain, discomfort, and other symptoms, visit a chiropractor on our team for help today.

What Is a Work Injury?

A work injury is any type of injury sustained while someone is working. Some of the most common types of work injury may include:

  • Slip and fall accidents, which can lead to concussions, bruising, muscle strains and sprains, lacerations, and even broken bones
  • Muscle strains and sprains, such as pulling a muscle, rolling an ankle, etc.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by excessive typing and computer use
  • Overuse injuries for people that do repetitive motions during work
  • Sciatica, a condition caused by standing for long periods of time leading to pinched nerves

These are just some of the many types of work injury that require help from a chiropractic care team.

Can I Continue Working as Normal with a Work Injury?

If you’ve suffered a work injury, it’s not a good idea to continue working as normal. Seek to have chiropractic care for any of an injury such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or other types of pain.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Once you visit a chiropractor, they will determine the root cause of your pain by conducting a physical exam. They can use your physical exam, symptoms of pain, and imaging tests to determine the best treatment course for you. This treatment may include spinal adjustments for neck pain, spinal decompression for back pain, and muscle massages to soothe sore muscles.

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