Pinched Nerves

pinched nerves


The human body can present its owner with some mysterious issues from time to time — especially when the nervous system is suffering from some sort of impingement.

Even a single pinched nerve or nerve root can have profound effects on large areas of the body, limiting your function and causing a variety of strange sensations.

No matter how desperate for help you may be, however, there’s no need to consider surgery except in the most extreme cases.

Here at Bluegrass Chiro, we can resolve pinched nerve problems for Southern Kentucky residents using conservative care.

How Pinched Nerves Affect Your Everyday Life

You can think about the way nerve signals travel through the body by using the image of a garden hose carrying water to a sprinkler system.  If you pinch the hose near one of the sprinklers, that sprinkler will fail to get water as it should. If you pinch the hose near the faucet, none of the sprinklers will get water. The human nervous system has its own system of smaller nerves, larger nerve branches, and major nerve roots that connect directly to the spinal cord. An impingement at any of these points can alter nerve function all the way down the “tree.” When a part of your body is cut off from normal nerve signaling in this manner, you may experience numbness, pain, “funny bone” sensations or loss of muscle control in that part. Two common pinched nerve syndromes include:

  • Cervical radiculopathy – Impingement of a cervical nerve root that sends symptoms into the shoulder, arm and/or hand
  • Sciatica – Impingement of the sciatic nerve, with symptoms in the low back, buttock, leg and/or foot

Our Chiropractor Can Improve Your Nerve Function Naturally

If you’re suffering from these kinds of odd, debilitating symptoms, pay a visit to Bluegrass Chiro. Our chiropractor will examine your spine and extremities carefully to pinpoint any areas of impingement that may be blocking nerve signals. You may be experiencing the aftereffects of an acute injury, developing a chronic degenerative spinal condition, or struggling with a posture-related alignment issue. We can correct the problem non-surgically through chiropractic adjustments that bring errant spinal structures back into line — and away from nerve tissue. We may also prescribe corrective exercises and lifestyle changes to help your body support itself and enjoy more normal nerve communication going forward.

Get the Pinched Nerve Relief You Need in Southern Kentucky

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