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Dr. Peters grew up with Chiropractic. His grandfather, Dr. Leon Noland served the Springfield community for many years. Dr. Peters says, “I loved the idea of getting people well without drugs or surgery. It just made sense to me.” He further embraced the philosophy of Chiropractic by attending Logan Chiropractic College where he graduated with both a Bachelors of Science degree as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  

 After school, he moved back to his home town of Lexington, Kentucky allowing him and his wife, Stacey, to be closer to family. He is excited about joining the Bluegrass Chiro team at the Nicholasville location and serving the citizens of that area. For recreation he loves to spend time with his family and wife as well as playing golf and going to the lake.

Dr. Beth Roth is a Lexington native who attended Lexington Catholic High school. Her interests for chiropractic began in college when she was living in South Carolina. Although due to her failed spinal fusion she wishes it would have happened sooner. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 13 years old and at 15 years old had a spinal fusion, but at 18 had her Harrington rods removed due to an infection. Due to all of the things that have led her to where she is today with her scoliosis, she knew she always wanted to help others prevent everything that she has been through.

Dr. Roth attended Coastal Carolina University where she received her Bachelor of Science in exercise and sports science in 2016. She went on to continue her education at Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida, where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2019. Dr. Roth is Webster certified and has a passion for treating pregnant women and young children. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Cesar, and their dog, Dallas, and traveling to new places.

Dr. Beth Roth​

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Nicholasville Chiropractic Care

We treat a host of conditions that are most often related to automobile accidents, falls, workplace accidents and sports injuries. Our chiropractor uses spinal manipulation and hot and cold therapy treatments to help relieve low back pain, neck pain and headaches. We also use a combination of treatment modalities to treat conditions related to sports related injuries like: tennis elbow, sprains, strains and bursitis. Chronic health conditions like spinal stenosis are also treated in our office. 

What Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic services practitioner is here to make sure every patient achieves optimal health. One of benefits of care in our facility is our chiropractor is trained to evaluate all of the systems and functions of the body. If he detects an issue during an examination, he can evaluate it and then make a referral to the appropriate specialist. Because chiropractic treatment modalities are non-invasive and don’t require the use of medications, they are considered safe. The effectiveness of chiropractic treatments has been studied for decades, and the results of these studies have proven that is an effective treatment for conditions like scoliosis, pain and inflammation. Chiropractic care is covered in most insurance plans, and is often cheaper than traditional medical services.

Say Goodbye to Your Pain with Blue Grass Chiropractic

Daily pain can take all of the joy out of life. If you live with chronic pain, life can cause you to withdraw from your normal activities. It can also leave you feeling isolated, cause mood swings, and can leave you feeling depressed. Beyond all of that, chronic pain can wreak havoc on your personal relationships. Our team of professionals here at Blue Grass Chiro in Nicholasville are here to help you pinpoint the source of your pain, and develop a personalized treatment plan that will help restore your health. Give us a call at (859) 241-6003 today, and let us help you get back to enjoying life.

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We have 12 chiropractic locations across the Bluegrass state to bring you pain relief that is local and convenient. Find your closest office and click below to visit that location and learn more about your local pain relief and chiropractic team.