Wrist Pain Treatment

wrist pain treatment


Wrist pain can have a serious impact on your everyday life.

So many tasks require the use of your wrists.

At Blue Grass Chiro, your chiropractor in Winchester and Elizabethtown, KY, our team is here to help you manage your wrist pain.

If you are suffering, here are some ways to find relief. 


When your wrist is inflamed, it can cause pain and tenderness whenever you move it. Ice is a great way to reduce inflammation. Ice packs will reduce swelling and numb your pain, providing fast relief from your discomfort. While you may not be able to use your wrists as you are icing them, taking a break to provide your body with this care can go a long way toward eliminating your pain.


While ice works very well on its own, it works even better when combined with heat. Rotate ice packs and heating pads on the afflicted area. The heat penetrates the muscles and other soft tissue, making them more flexible. When your wrists are flexible, they’ll be less prone to pain. The heat soothes pain deep in the tissue, providing relief alongside the ice. 


Moving your wrist can cause your pain to get worse, or to heal much slower than you want it to. Use a wrist splint to keep your wrist immobile when it is inflamed and in pain. When the tendons in your wrist are inflamed, they aren’t going to move as flexibly. The pain will get worse as the parts of your wrist rub together.

If you use a wrist brace to keep your wrist still, you can still do a lot of your everyday tasks. It might be slower, but you’ll be able to move your fingers without putting strain on your wrist. If movement hurts your wrist, it keeps the pain from interrupting your tasks and lets it rest. Then it will heal faster. 

Chiropractic Care 

If home remedies haven’t helped, you might consider getting chiropractic care to manage your wrist pain. Your chiropractor can use several approaches, including massage, specialized exercises, and lifestyle coaching, to help get rid of your pain and prevent it from returning. They will assess your situation, then use that information to create a specialized plan for you.

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