It's been close to 6 months since I had a treatment and I am still going. I love the massage table. Mrs Stephanie and her team are very delightful and professional.

Wanda D., customer since 2018

Dr. Leon is amazing. My back has never felt this good. And so friendly as well.

Alisha H., customer since 2017

One of the best chiropractors in Bardstown. She helped me out so much, great office, and awesome personal service.

Customer since 2018

Got be straightened out and back. Pain free.

Customer since 2014

Very professional, very friendly, great results!

Lashonta W., customer since 2018

Helped with pain

Bonnie H., customer since 2018

I back & neck is 100% better!! When I leave the office I’ll feel a whole lot better. I’ll always feel at home like I’m going to see family . Thanks for making me better and keeping me feeling better .

Connie S., customer since 2018

You heal me when other medical professionals cannot. You are a great doctor! We are blessed to have you in our town. I tell everyone to see you! I’m amazed at all the things you can heal!

Barbara B., customer since 2015

Services provided are fantastic! You have helped me more than you know and I thank you for that! Feeling better than I have in months.

Customer since 2018

Very friendly service.

Laurie M., customer since 2015

Great customer service, very professional and efficient staff, and reasonably priced services. Everything you can hope for!

Timothy S., customer since 2018

got my back back to normal

Customer since 2018

I am feeling better. Great staff!

Customer since 2018

Always felt better walking than I did walking in!

Customer since 2017

Very professional, very caring team. I always walk out the office feeling great! Thank you!

Taylor W., customer since 2017

When I walk into your office there's a feeling of warmth and friendliness not found very often the days. You are sincere in your efforts to help people and your birthright and cheery attitude is much appreciated. You have helped me physically and have boosted me emotionally. Thank you so much!!

Tanya A., customer since 2018

Everybody is very friendly & nice!! It has helped my back & neck tremendously !! I will be back after fighting this cold!!

Connie S., customer since 2018

Very personal caring service. Very accommodating appointment times.

Wesley K., customer since 2018

Dr. Leon is not only knowledge but genuine. She understands your situation and is compassionate about you feeling better. Her staff is also readily available to offer any assistance needed.

Gwendolyn E., customer since 2018

The Customer Service is top notch and I have felt great since I have been going. You and your staff are very friendly and have taken great care of me for 3 years now.

Robert H., customer since 2015

The relief I feel from a chiropractic visit is immediate. It's unreal. Something I could not have imagined, but merely had to experience. With continued and routine visits, I continually see and feel improvements.

Jean R., customer since 2018

Dr. Stephanie and Angel are great and I would recommend Dr. Stephanie to everyone. She has helped me with my back issues and is personable and professional.

Kelli S., customer since 2016

Good communication, friendliness, available, knowledgeable, eager to address the issues.

Wesley K., customer since 2018

After just 1 visit, I felt a whole lot better in my lower back and my hips.

Stephanie T., customer since 2018

I have actually recommended your services several times. Not sure how many have taken my suggestion. But your services have helped to keep me going the last couple of years.

Customer since 2014

I enjoyed my appointments and felt so much better!

Julie A., customer since 2018

You guys have a great vibe, you're casual yet professional. You were always very informative and very accurate, plus you made my pain go away.

Wendigo D., customer since 2018

Every thing was right. From walking in to walking out. Great experience.

Customer since 2018

Friendly, caring staff, helped me tremendously. I wish I had went to Dr. Leon years ago!

Tonya P., customer since 2018

Great friendly; listened to what I needed and has me improving

Customer since 2018

Dr. Steph. Is very caring! Just Great

Kimberly T., customer since 2018

I love Dr Leon and staff. She truly listens to your problems and answers any questions. They work with your schedule and make appt accordingly. I love Bluegrass Chiropractic!

Customer since 2018

Always polite, friendly, and you made my back feel much better. Thank you

Alisha H., customer since 2017

I alway felt better after a treatment. However, to stay better I would have needed to come more often than I can afford. You folks were a pleasure to be around.

Teresa P., customer since 2017

Thanks to you I have not had any pain in my neck and shoulder for over 6 months!

Carla Z., customer since 2017

Dr Leon is not only a wonderful Chiropractor, but she is very personable and spends time really listening to what you have to share. Angel, her office assistant, is also very personable and always greets you with a smile no matter how busy she is

Diane H., customer since 2018

Easy and flexible scheduling! Warm and friendly environment! I love Stephanie and Angel!

Emily B., customer since 2014

I go for preventive maintenance for my back. I have had back problems for years, but Stephanie got my back problems corrected. I continue to go monthly which has allowed me to keep a very active lifestyle.

Terri S., customer since 2014

Chiropractic treatments really help manage my back and hip pain.

Customer since 2014

Like I tell Dr. Leon, she has magic hands! She is amazing at her job!

Customer since 2017


Brenda R., customer since 2015

The staff take the time to listen to your issues and concerns. They are always ready to help, and have the knowledge to make you feel much better.

Alisha H., customer since 2017

You are healing me. You helped me the day I was hurt. You and you staff is always very kind and professional. I tell everyone to go see you!

Barbara B., customer since 2015

I no longer have the extreme back pain that I have struggled with for years.

Terri S., customer since 2014

I always feel a lot better after a treatment.

Customer since 2014

Your spine is like the motor of a car. You change the oil in your car after so many miles. Your body is no different Every day where and tear you have to get your spine adjusted so the rest of your body will work properly. I never believed in a chiropractor til a few years ago. Now I go once a month for an adjustment and more if I am having any problems.

Customer since 2015

Stephanie Leon is a very skilled and caring chiropractor that takes a very deep interest in helping her patients be pain free and healthy so they can function at their best in their lives!

Diane M., customer since 2017

Friendly staff and talented chiropractor

Customer since 2017

You are very knowledgeable and listen to my issues. You have helped with my back issues, after hurting for many years. And your working on my knees with improvement. And ur very friendly while being professional. Your staff is super sweet as well.

Alisha H., customer since 2017

I like the personal touch within the office. You are not always able to talk about your family in other offices. Here, you are, and you all actually seem genuinely interested. I have shared pictures of my dog with you, also recipes and I appreciate the homey small town atmosphere in your office.

Lesa B., customer since 2017

Always have a great experience at Bluegrass Chiro. Dr Leon takes great strides to alleviate my pain and help fix any problems I am having. I look forward to my visits with her.

Andrea I., customer since 2015

I get top notch care from a top notch doctor! I've been to quite a few chiropractors over the past 20 years and Dr. Leon is the best!

Customer since 2017

I like your technique. I am very comfortable with the type of treatment and it helps my lower back and neck.

Mary B., customer since 2014

I can turn my neck, now. Much safer to drive! Less pain is wonderful.

Geri M., customer since 2017

A very good place with good people, I wouldn't hesitate to bring my family and friends here.

Lesa B., customer since 2017

Always a friendly office and Dr Leon provides excellent patient care. She listens, she fixes, she is awesome!!!!

Cheryl H., customer since 2017

Reminder texts, on time Apts. Attention to patient's concerns. Friendly conversation and I am doing so much better! Thanks!

Geri M., customer since 2017

I am very pleased with the personal attention I have received. I am not your only patient, but feel like I am not just a number. I love the office attitude, it's professional but feels like home. It makes me comfortable enough to ask any questions I may have, and to share part of myself without being uptight. You all are good people.

Lesa B., customer since 2017

Very friendly staff. Always willing to answer questions and make you feel comfortable.

Lisa D., customer since 2017

Chiropractic has helped my arthritis and back tremendously. I point out the areas that are bothering me most and Dr. Stephanie goes to work to correct my problem. She and Angel are both very friendly and genuinely care about my pain.

Mary B., customer since 2014

I was always skeptical about going to a chiropractor, didn't think it would help. But since I have been going to Dr. Stephanie WOW! my body feels great, NO more pain! Dr. Stephanie takes pride in her work, she is very friendly and compassionate about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone that is having pain anywhere. Just remember chiropractors are not just for back pain, she helped me with tennis elbow, shoulder issues even with sinus headaches. OH! I can't forget about Angel, she is a sweetheart and makes you feel at home. Cheers to Bluegrass Chiro of Bardstown. :-)

Karen H., customer since 2014

I really enjoyed coming to you all. I plan on come back I just need to make time.

Lisa K., customer since 2017

Everything. I've been going there for years and the staff is always smiling and makes me feel comfortable right away.

Robert H., customer since 2015

Dr. Stephanie knows what and how to help ! Very personable and has always been kind and explained what and why, for someone like me who has anxiety this means alot! Her front desk , Angel, is also helpful and kind and knowledgeable about most anything you can ask! They both listen and are professionals! I recommend them frequently!!

Kelli S., customer since 2016

you have a friendly, comfortable, laid back environment there. that helps a person relax while being treated. i also like how you ask questions "outside the box" to try to narrow down a problem and you dont mind to try to answer any health question i have. ( pertaining to chiro or not)

Customer since 2016

Very great atmosphere and people.

Marcus L., customer since 2016


Pascha R., customer since 2015

Dr. Stephanie and receptionist Angel have made me feel welcomed and comfortable thus allowing for me to relax and feel like family as I go through a very painful recovery of my back injuries. I especially like the fact that Dr. Stephanie shows true compassion and concern for her patients.

Laura H., customer since 2017

Very good service and expertise.

Jonathan R., customer since 2017

First, the frienldy faces are always a bonus, but your care is top notch. I have been a patient of chiropractic for many years and by far, your office, in my opinion, is the best! As a nurse and someone with severe injuries and chronic pain, I want someone who is not only knowledgeable, but someone who has my best interest at heart and I get that from your office.

Cheryl H., customer since 2017

Came in and couldn’t move my neck. The next day I had about 70 percent mobility.

Raymond P., customer since 2017

At Bluegrass Chiro Dr Stephanie takes a personal interest in me and my issues and is dedicated to helping me be physically healthy so I can be pain free and ride my horses to the best of my physical ability. She is great!

Customer since 2017

Improved my back and hip. Help a great deal with the shoulder

Donna B., customer since 2015

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