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Very friendly enviroment and the staff really cares about your pain and health.. So willing ti whip a person back into shape! Thank you so much i appreciate how you have give me back my feel good to deal with daily duties..

I’ve been to several different chiropractors over the years but Chris David took the time to find out exactly what I needed and used his skills to address the problem. Great experience and highly recommended.

Your service is excellent, there is nothing I can think of that you need to change.


Dr Boni is awesome. He explains everything so you understand it and makes you very comfortable. I wish I would have started this years ago. I have already recommended someone.

Dr Chris Boni worked with me and my back pain until he got it figured out. Now we are working together with bi-monthly visits for adjustment and therapy plus exercises at home between visits. I feel great and have very little back pain. Thank you Dr Chris!

Helped by visit

Dr. Boni always treats me like a friend!

you keep me from living a life in pain.

I love that I can call at anytime and get an appointment. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming in the office. Adjustments are quick, but thorough, and the wait time is never too long. Dr. Boni and staff are very efficient and knowledgeable. I always recommend Bluegrass Chiro to friends and family.

Continued improvement. Great friendly atmosphere!!

I could barely walk and do boni helped get me back on my feet. The adjustment table is flexible and does not put so much pressure or hurt the area. He is so nice too!

The knowledge that you have about my issues and the fact that you are really trying to help.

First, I have already recommended your office (& Dr. Chris) to my friends. Using your knowledge, you are helping me with my problem, which included a great deal of pain and discomfort. I am confident that soon I will be pain free. Thank you very much. Barbara

I love the office it's low pressure, I feel super comfortable. An I will continue to refer friends and family to the office. Thanks

I wish I would have done this years ago. Have only been going for a few visits but has made a tremendous difference already. Dr. Boni makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. He explains everything that is going on. Love this place.

Dr. Boni cares about his patients and has patience to listen .

Dr. Boni is always welcoming and kind

I’m very happy with Dr BonI. I have had immediate results. It’s funny, I just told my husband he needed to go. In my opinion Dr Boni is a very spiritual, caring, hardworking chiropractor that cares about each and every patient. Also his staff are knowledgeable and accommodating.

I was on vacation and needed adjusting very bad. He adjusted me completely different then I had in Nebraska. For the past several years I had fought with headaches and had adjustments several times a month. After my adjustment I went almost a year before needing another. If I lived closer I would be a regular customer and if traveling near by again I will definitely stop by. Thanks a million for your great work.

Dr. Boni was very nice and very attentive to my needs. Scheduling was easy and never had to wait if I needed to be seen. Got me fixed right up and for that I was very thankful.

I could get when I needed. Everyone is so friendly Dr. David was great at finding the problem area. He is very good at getting the pain to leave quickly. I am very happy with this office.

Great detail given to what can improve and how to reach the goal. Friendly and helpful staff.

Excellent service, great care and attention to detail, seems genuine in finding relief when discomfort is a factor. Dr. David was able to provide alternative methods for relieving my shoulder pain that did not involve anything invasive or medication related. I was able to recover with nearly full mobility in my shoulder within less than a week.

you help me and others live a pain free life!!!

Dr. David has been so wonderful to me, he has helped me so much with my leg, I am making big improvements by coming to see him, I have been so miserable for the past year and now that I have been seeing him, I am feeling much better. I still have a ways to go but I am confident that Dr. David will help me stay on the right track and continue to make me better.

Always feel better when I leave. Great friendly staff.

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