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Friendly staff, feeling comfortable and the education.

Able to schedule appointments after school .

Dr. Warren and staff are very friendly and helpful. I received a specific and thorough case plan. I was made to feel important and cared for. The alignments made me feel great and I could feel my posture was much better immediately. Thank you and I will be back as needed.

The professionalism and care received is top notch.

Awesome place with very friendly people.

Nice, Attentive, caring staff. Pleasant environment. Doc's listened and shared knowledgeable information.

I appreciate the time Dr. Warren spends in talking about holistic methods and the true care and concern for myself and my son.

Shawn was so welcoming and caring. He made it his priority to make me comfortable and to address every problem I had with each visit. My improvements were very fast and I never left the office unsatisfied.

I love the friendly environment! Dr. Warren treats me like I've been a friend for years. Always makes me feel comfortable and important.

I love the variety of services offered. Including the Trigger Point Release with Dr. Tait and I am eager to try the Dry Needling in the future with Dr. Warren.

I have told a bunch of people how you have kept me going and that you are the greatest and you are a sweetheart and that you know what you are doing.

Always attentive, professional and treat us like family

Dr. Shawn and his team is extremely knowledgable about their jobs. They are open and honest in the treatment. They are willing to work with you on times and days and work you in if possible with no issue. The office is clean and friendly and extremely warm and welcoming, this is why my whole family comes.. they are great and extremely patient with kids.

Everyone was genuinely interested in what i had to say and made every effort to help me get back on track with my shoulder and hip.

I do not have enough great things to say about Dr. Tait. I work with a lot of doctors and he, by far, is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable I’ve met. Every time I see him I am in a lot of pain and he immediately puts me at ease. He is a great asset to this community.

The staff is always so friendly from the time you walk in the door until you leave. The wait time to have the appointment is never long, and you always feel wanted.

I just met James a month (or less) ago - he's nice, encouraging, and offers helpful advice. He also seems to genuinely care and isn't just trying to rush me through the appointment and get on to the next patient. I especially appreciate that last part, as so many medical practitioners these days seem to be more focused on how many people they can accommodate in one day.

It's great to be able to go to a place where you feel like you are listened to. I've always felt like I could speak freely about symptoms and progress during my visits which I believe really aids in the over all healing process.

DR. Warren and his staff are always kind and considerate. He takes the time to listen to my concerns. Scheduling is easy and the appt reminders are a big help to me. What's most important is that I always leave his office feeling much better than when I came in!

Shawn did everything he could to try to keep me from having back surgery. Everything. He is very kind and compassionate with his clients and does everything to get you back up and running as soon as possible. The front office people are very kind and considerant of the problems and pain that you are going thru. The office will make you an appointment when you need one instead of just telling you we have only this time slot. Very friendly and very knowledgeable people a t BGC. I will return again when the need is there and have informed all of my friends and family members about BGC.

I have really started to improve and so have my son. The staff are amazing and kind!

The care you get at Bluegrass Chiro is amazing!! They make you feel like family.

I love that Shawn doesn't just see patients to see them. He tells and shows you exactly what is going on in your body, adjusts you and then gives you suggestions of things to do at home so you can get better and not have to keep seeing him. The ultimate goal is to get better, lessen pain and Shawn at Blue Grass Chiro tries to achieve this goal.

Very personable and take time to get to know the patients to treat our individual needs.

The staff is always friendly. In addition to this, the service excellent. I always feels better after I visit Bluegrass Chiro.

Dr Warren has strength that is necessary to manipulate my back. I am a big man.

Amazing staff. Friendly. Extremely professional

Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Bluegrass Chiropractor and Dr. Shawn is absolutely amazing because he helped me to acheive a pain level that was bearable. I highly recommend Dr. Shawn, and his staff is really nice to deal with. It's a reasonable price as well.

they are very good and friendly and they make you feel very welcome and i enjoy going to them.yes i will recomended you to other.

Very friendly staff & Dr Warren very interested in care of patient. Pleasant personality

Staff is very helpful and kind. Absolutely love it here.

Such friendly and inviting staff! Truely make you feel like they care. Plus, don’t wait in the waiting room forever before getting seen! No one likes that. You guys are awesome!

WHile I am never the only patient in the office, it always feels like I am, I never feel rushed or pushed to get through my appointment and I always leave better than I came!

I love that if I need an extra day or if I am in pain they get me in as soon as possible. Also I love how they treat me as a person. I do not feel like I am just an other patient. If I miss an appointment the ask if there is anything they could do to help.

Dr. Shawn is an amazing doctor. He is friendly and very professional.

Shawn at Bluegrass Chiro is great! Highly recommend!

You did everything right thank you for everything.

Friendly atmosphere, very caring about the clients, Shawn makes you feel at ease when you walk in. If you have an issue he has no problem taking a little extra time with you.

You guys are friendly and knowledgeable..always a pleasure to c9me in and leave feeling better.

Dr. Warren is very patient with band schedule and helps us anytime he cans.

I liked how they treated me. I will definitely come back when I can.

I felt at ease there and staff are very friendly. I got help after hurt my neck. Had no problems with it since.

Great prices. Visits run on time; hate how other Docs over pack the schedual and a 2pm apt turns into being called at 245. Friendly atmosphere.

Everything!! I love all you do!! Your office is great frok the front to the back

Easy access to treatment when it is needed. The ability to work closely with the patient and listen to the patiients input. Good followup contact to insure the patient is responding well to the adjustment....something that is unheard of these days .

I love Richmond's Bluegrass Chiro. Dr. Shawn is very helpful, he listens. I would invite everyone to try chiropractic care with Dr. Shawn.

Dr. Warren and his team genuinely care about my health and hear out my concerns. Incredibly thankful for the quality of care I receive.

Dr. Warren is awesome! I hate that I had a few family issues to make me miss my appointment. I’ve recommended him to several people.

Before I came to your offices, I suffered severely with sciatica and back problems. I was in a lot of pain and it affected every aspect of my life. Dr Warren helped me to walk without pain.

Awesome place.

Great service!

Dr. Warren’s consultation pinpointed the problem area in my back and with his treatment my pain has subsided considerably. I’m very thankful to have had his help in my recovery!

Always so welcoming when I come in. And meets all my personal chiropractic needs. So helpful!

Very friendly and professional staff. The Dr. explained everything to me very well.

Dr. Warren is the best and I would recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Warren is just awesome and very caring

Very friendly staff. Also very informative on how visiting a chiropractor is beneficial to you and your body.

Listened and gave suggestions. Accommodated me with payment plan. And tried to schedule around my work schedule

He helped me to be able to walk without a cane and I would and have recommended him to my family and now they are going to him. He is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Warren is just awesome and he will get you up and moving.

Very informative and friendly. Never had a bad experience.

You all are fantastic. Wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else (that’s why I drive 2 hours) love and hugs!

I would recommend you to anyone because you help me so much. I can walk now without all of the pain. Thank you and your staff so much

I came to BG Chiropractic with a lot of pain in my lower back with extremely sharp pain down my left leg. I was seen in just a few minutes by Dr. Warren. He was very compassionate and very knowledgeable in what he was doing. I picked him because he does everything without habit forming drugs that just mask the problem not really getting to the root of the problem. He did everything he knew to get me back in shape and to relief my unbearable pain that had me to where I could not hardly walk and could not hardly sit. He is even certified in accuputure and does physical therapy as well. He cares about you and your health. He explains everything to you in what he is doing and what you should expect before and after which ever services be it a turn here and a turn there and a push here or there on the table that is used. I would not hesitate to tell anyone about him and what he could do for them. I will certainly tell all my friends and neighbors about his services.

There are very friendly people at Bluegrass Chiro- they defiantly will meet your needs.

Cheerful and nice

The treatment helped a lot

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Dr. Shawn genuinely cares about his patients and works with them to give them the best treatment possible.

I feel like Dr. Warren really cared about my health and my well being. I didn't feel like cattle being rushed in and rushed out like in a lot of doctors offices these days. He is professional but is still very friendly and very sincere. He cared enough about me that when he saw me out at dinner he came over to make sure I was doing okay and asked me how I was feeling and that's exactly what I want in a doctor and I think most people want that's not being met these days.

Very knowledgeable team!

Bluegrass Chrio did a wonderful job getting me back to living life without being in pain everyday. Thank you.

I felt at home and comfortable with you and your staff. Couldn't ask for better treatment than you have me and lord knows you helped me to move again.

Love Dr. Shawn and his staff. They are always great!

Everything was great. Not a bad thing to say about anyone or anything in that office.

I had nerve pain in my right hand for 4 years from an injury. Pt at the time of injury told me I'd have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. It got worse over time but I thought I just have to deal with it. I mentioned it to Shawn casually and he thought he could fix it. And he did!! He adjusted my shoulder somehow and I was totally pain free for about 4 weeks. I do a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting so I now am having mild pain sometimes and need to go see Shawn again but I couldn't believe it! The pain I get now is still nothing compared to what I had been dealing with.

Highly professional staff. Dr. Warren and Tosha are excellent. My back pain was treated successfully and Tosha was an office manager guru. Anyone who doesn’t choose this team doesn’t know what they’re missing.

Inviting atmosphere and Dr. Warren really knows his stuff. He helped my pain tremendously in just a couple visits. Highly recommend going to see him

Shawn adjusts people with multiple techniques and cares for each patient in respect to their chiropractic needs.

I always feel very welcome when I go for an appointment!

I would highly recommend dr warren to anyone.

The care that comes from the office about their patience is amazing!

As always with my work schedule and the kids busy schedules its hard to make appointments and stick to them. Doc and his awesome receptionist always make time for me to get in at spur of the moment. Its a great feeling to know that im cared for on such a level. And I do always recommend and talk to my family about the care I get. Also my mother who suffers from Lupis and Fibro has just joined thru my recommendation to her. I don't take her care lightly its of the utmost importance to me. And the team at Bluegrass has took the same efforts I have to care for my Mama. They have a genuine decency about her care. And have took necessary precaution needed for her. I love that I know she is safe and respected. Thank you Dr. Shawn, Tosha, and Felisha

Very friendly and helpful. Came to them in my absolute worst pain and even though I needed surgery, Shawn did all he could to help me through it and alleviate what he could.

Very friendly, open, and genuine atmosphere along with great chiropractic services.

Dr. Shawn helped my pain in my hips. The office and the workers are very kind. I wouldn't feel as good as I do now if it wasn't for Dr. Shawn.

Dr. Warren and Tasha is always so friendly!!

Fixed my neck and any other issues I've whined about.

You helped my back and neck feel a lot better after the car wreck and helped me figure out how exactly to deal with my arthritis and make it better.

Everyone I’ve encountered at you practice has been warm and welcoming. I have felt “seen” and “heard”. As human beings I think we all like that but when it comes to health it is especially important. Your approach is a bit different than the previous chiropractor that I saw several years ago. I feel it is a better fit for me for a couple of reasons. Care seems very much person centered rather than treatment centered. Tricky thing to explain sometimes but let’s just say the other person’s practice was more “medical model” rather than healing arts. Medical model seems to rely heavily on evaluations, tests etc, yes there is a place for this but when leaned too heavily on it takes away from the intuitive knowing that is available to health care providers. Besides being well trained you seem to have a good bit of the kind of intuition that makes for a really good “healer” 🙂 I hope this is helpful.

I always feel better after I leave. You always explain things an give ideals to help myself with my pain

You seem to care about your patients and listen to them

You listen to me and don't treat me either like someone who is ignorant or like a hysterical woman who isn't really in pain, sick, etc. After qualifications and education, these are the three things I look for most in doctors. Thank you.

You all are welcoming, caring, and just wonderful all around. Dr. Warren explains what he is doing and why it will benificial, as well ask asks about how I really am, and what’s going on in life with school/friends etc. I LOVE the bluegrass family.

I called one day because my back was so bad I couldn’t wait any longer. I just came in and registered same day. I couldnt sit, lay, or bend at all (I’m 20 so I couldn’t figure out what happened). The appointments were always quick and on time. Did some ex rays, figured out the issue, and My back is practically back to normal.

Great personnel and caring service.

Feel better

Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Wonderful atmosphere and staff, including front desk and dr! Very thorough and trustworthy! 10/10 🙂

The care I receive, is person specific, to me. I know i am in good hands with Dr Warren. The adjustments I receive are exactly what I need, and have helped me to function better. I really feel cared for and therein lies the reason for my continuance there.

Quality, individualized care is what you will recieve at Bluegrass Chiro. Dr. Warren takes the time to explain how your subluxaxtions impact your health & how to best address your specific concerns.

You have done a wonderful job on my hips and I fell better every time I come to see you

I invite everyone I know with any sort of pain ailment to come visit you both! Shawn, you and Tosha always make William and I feel right and home and like we are family. You really connect with us on a personal level and always meet and exceed our needs! I'm very happy that I was referred to you all!

My wrist joints, were so tender from inflammation could barely use them. I Had no idea an adjustment could make so much difference. I am super happy to have use of my hands back, thanks to Dr Shawn Warren. Overall, chiropractic care, has helped me function better. Sincerely Vanessa Everidge

always friendly. Listens to me. Suggest treatments to alleviate my pain. Seems to be interested in my progress.

Dr Warren seems to really listen to my needs and is able to answer my questions about my chiropractic care.

Friendly, let me know what your doing while adjusting, great service, available when I need to come in before an appointment

I felt very comfortable because you are so confident and knowledgeable. The procedures were painless and really helped my lower back and shoulder. I love that you use essential oils and that massage table is awesome! Ashley made the billing painless as well. I`d recommend you to everyone I know and I`ll be back!

Super friendly staff that listen when you speak. They are willing to work with you’re work schedule. I’m now migraine free for almost 2 months and able to walk without so much pain. Thank you so much!!

Everyone is super nice and willing to help. Dr. Warren helped with my pain quite a bit. Very professional and enjoyable place

I walked into the office without an appointment, in pain and was immediately seen. Dont know of any place that takes you in like that anymore. I have continued to go for treatment which has helped me tremendously. Always seem genuinely concerned with my progress.

Dr. Shawn took the time to listen to what I had to say. He explained the plan of care in a way that was easy to understand. He is very personable and professional. Kiddos to his office as well !

Dr. Warren has helped me with maintaining my health and helping me to be able to continue with marching band. Practice is long and with the help of Dr. Warren I am able to continue to do what I love.

Very friendly staff and very flexible with appointments. We have a very hectic schedule and you guys have been great to fit him in when we have a few extra minutes. It seems to be helping with the frequency of his pain. Thank you!

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff that listens to me and adjust problem areas accordingly. It never feels like a normal doctor's visit with the long wait times and impersonal staff. With Bluegrass Chiro, it feels like they're family.

Everything.. this office and staff are amazing. Dr. Shawn is friendly, professional but personable. The offife is always clean.

Very down to earth when explaining things, you try to talk over our heads. Coming in to bright cheerful staff makes a world of difference.

Dr. Warren sharring his knowledge of how the body works and his commitment to detail are a plus for chirpractic.

the best in town! caring and gentle as possible, staff is friendly and helpful .. would recommend to anyone who needs chiropractic care!

The way he makes the adjustments helps a whole lot....havnt been in much pain at all and still getting better

Made it were I could move better

My mommy will answer since I'm only 7 weeks old! I love how patient Dr. Warren is with my sister and myself when we are being fussy. He always helps us and our mommy feel great and is great with all ages!

So kind and wanted to help me with pain. Seemed genuinely concerned.

You don't just go through the motions you listen.

This is the best office I have ever been to. Starting from the front with Tosha, she welcomes you with a smile and then you get to see shawn. He is all about you he wants to know how he can make you better no matter how long it takes.

You don't hesitate to answer any of my questions completely. You are available, for the most part, at a moment's notice. Friendly and warm reception received with each visit.

Shawn does great work and is a very friendly and professional guy!

Honesty goes a long way with me. And you were straight up with me I feel.

Always a friendly and clean atmosphere, and I'm always made to feel and be treated special. SHAWN is an amazing chiropractor. He has helped me a lot. Just wish I had more time to stop in.

I was treated with the kindness as the same as family. The input and the advice given was not forcible it was with care. And I was treated like a person and was listened to and heard.

My experience with bluegrass Chiro was amazing after weeks of back pain I decided it was time to see a professional 3 trips to bluegrass I was able to return to my normal duties at work . Thanks Shawn

very caring, good listeners, knowledgeable, concerned.

Helped my back feel good and where it doesnt hurt. Easier to sit straight

I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. I had been in this condition for two to three weeks. I had lost my joy for living. I knew I had to do something so when I saw the Facebook ad I knew I had to At least try it. I couldn't get in any worse shape. They got me in right away. After the first week of 3 visits, I was 90% better. Dr Shawn has really focused on my treatment. After 3 weeks I am walking with barely Any pain and off all the high powered pain meds (which is what I wanted.) He has helped me get my joy back! I am so happy that he focused on treatment to fix the problem to help prevent reoccurrence and not mask the problem with shots that don't last. I love Dr Shawn and recommend the company to everyone.

Dr. Warden and Tosha are always welcoming, concerned about my pain and ready to do whatever they need to in order to get me feeling better than when I walked through the door. I love them to death and they are the best!!

Your customer service and patient care is top of the line. All your employees are very personable, friendly. And love to joke around just like I do myself

I had a great experience with you all helping with the tension and stiffness in my neck and upper back while attending EKU. I was super impressed with the dry needling and the way it along with adjustments helped me feel much better. Also, Shawn and staff are always super friendly and outgoing and willing to work with your schedule! Thanks!

I feel comfortable talking to Dr. Warren. He truly listens and wants to make my condition better. My migraines may never go away but I only have one occasionally now. Life is so much easier.

Fast friendly and a superb doctor and staff..

Friendly, caring, knowledgeable and attentive to you patient's needs.

I always feel welcomed. It's a great atmosphere to walk in and always leave feeling amazing. I've been dealing with the same pain for years and I finally found the way to relieve the pain by going to Dr. Warren.

Listen to me when I was talking.

Found the problem quickly. Gave suggestions

Dr. Warren is incredible!! First off he is a great healing chiropractor who really cares about his patients. He is always so friendly and outgoing and a positive active member of the community. I would highly recommend him and Bluegrass Chiro.

Very professional and caring.

Very professional and caring. You smiled. When I am hurting and someone smiles I know I'm in the right place. You took the time to explain what you were doing and also to show me what I can do at home to help. I came in walking with a cane, and now I'm standing up straight! Amazing.

Friendly service and very knowledgeable at what they do.

You all are really great at creating a space that is welcoming, friendly, and accessible. It feels like you all prioritize getting to know your patients more than other places I've been to seek care. I have terrible phone anxiety but calling Tosha to change my appointment time/make an appointment is always a pleasant experience. Dr. Warren is truly talented at educating patients on the sources of their pain as well as helping folks manage their pain. Y'all are total life savers!!

you did every thing right

The adjustments have decreased the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing in my back. I find that I sleep better and have a greater range of mobility.

You and your staff do a great job I would high recommend your service.

You took the time to explain what you were going to do and why. You also explained the X-ray, and how you determine if there's an issue with my back. Thank God I had no issues, but you made me feel comfortable with you knowledge and explanation!

Bluegrass Chiropractic is always available when need arises, addresses the problems and is professional as well as friendly. Dr. Warren and staff are great people who really care about their patients.

You guys were very friendly and provided a great atmosphere! I felt like you really listened to my concerns, and left your care feeling better than I had in years!

You did everything great had me feeling better in no time at all. I will definitely recommend you!

Dr. Warren and staff listens and cares. They take the time to get to know you, not only as a patient, but as a person, not just a file.

You guys are really nice make me feel like I count. You explain the situation to me an how you can help. I always feel better when I leave and look forward to next visit. Thank you for helping me and my family.

Dr. Warren is just awesome and he was able to find a way to help me get relief from the pain that was going from my hip to my calf because of the muscle tightening up on my sciatica nerve. I would recommend him to anyone that has any problems because he is just a jewel.

I love the personal attention. Dr Warren genuinely cares that his patients get better!

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